Bioeel Triathlon Grand Prix Exterra 2013
01.06. Vama Veche
Triatlonul fără Asfalt - Grand Prix Exterra et.I
29.06. Ineu
Kings Land Triatlon - Grand Prix Exterra et. II
06.07. Bezid
Bioeel Triatlon Challenge - Grand Prix Exterra et. III
13.07. Baile Tusnad
Saint Ana Lake Triathlon - Grand Prix Exterra et. IV
03.08. Reci
Háromszék Triatlon - Grand Prix Exterra et. V
Romanian Triathlon Grand Prix Sosea 2013
Campionatul National de Triatlon Isostar
Cupa Romaniei Isostar - Trialuta
Rowmania Delta Triathlon
01.09.2013 Tulcea
Mamaia Triatlon Challenge
07.09.2013 Mamaia


Competition awards will be made at the end of the last stage of the circuit and will consist of cash prizes.

The organizear latest stage - Haromszek triathlon, Reci and Mamaia Triathlon Chellnege - will provide a favorable framework that award.

The total value of prizes and their distribution will be posted on this site by the organizers till 01.04.2013

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